Towards the late autumn

I'm from red dyeing notes came through dance, autumn, stop by the Indus deep forest, look to the day high cloud. Suddenly, the cold light. Overnight, the sky back to the high clean office. Wu Tonglin is a bleak, film to golden indicates: autumn is deep.

Is summer 's shadow is longer, let me forget the season already change, or I am used to heat and agitation, accustomed to expansion, crowded world? Deep autumn too bleak, Ren has many thick golden rendering, it has nearly twilight.

But who knows, only walking in the deep autumn, I found myself standing position. Like a lonely Chinese parasol tree, you stand above the horizon, remain aloof from the world 's style. I can see the most beautiful scenery!

Fall plump and shiny, not entirely with the eyes can feel, in the eyes of many, autumn is to express melancholy. This reminds me of the Southern Tang emperor Li Yu's words: " dumb one day, like hook, Indus loneliness deep housesqingchoulock. Cut , it won't break; ruled, it will make a mess to wake an unspeakable taste in the heart. Such is the grief to part. Li Yu here to write about the taste, the acid in a salty taste, but it is rooted in the heart, not dispel, enduring fresh, tongue goods shall not, feel know. Loneliness lock kiyoaki Indus, show people on autumn divorced the hardship of missing.

In late autumn, let the people suffer great agonies of the mind, poetry famous autumn parting with performance, or write about deep, such as Li Bai " from don't ": " water down miles deep, who does not say this about ancient "; or write about long, such as Li Bai's " autumn song ": " White PU Zhang three thousand, margin of sorrow like a long "; or write love is heavy, such as Li Qingzhao's " Wuling spring ": " lest the Sungai a small boat boat, can not carry a lot of anxious "; or write about many, such as Qin " for years ": " spring go also, crimson million little worry ". Walking in autumn of the verse, many celebrities wets autumn Sadness Lyric, however, try to write the Millennium melancholy, and asked, who would lay down their hearts that suffer great agonies of the mind?

Autumn is the season I want to stick quinoa walking. Just to follow that touch of chrysanthemum fragrance, the smoke of the dill, the honk West, the east of dancing. I want a white skirt, weathering rain in this season.

Autumn is my miss of the season, to always melancholy and Moody 's heart, and thousands of miles of desert. Such thoughts do not like spring stir, not like summer 's hot, not like the winter cold and lonely. In late autumn, the autumn clouds leisurely, like a fresh wind, wild chrysanthemum, indifferent, osmanthus, aroma overflowing.

I walk in the late autumn edge, the autumn is like a giant, like world communion here; Maple painted a beautiful melancholy, organize a group of Red 's poetry, like the birds can not carry sunset. Sure enough, the autumn is deep as sea ... ...

Therefore, the autumn missing no promise. Choose a calm, as his own life. Walk alone to the deep autumn, if there is one leaf piaozhui in her skirts, then completed the instantaneous encounter, even just pass and review, wind raise my left a season long hair, inadvertently touched who shoulder, in the shadowy autumn light, emotion deep dream weaving.

Tage to the sound of autumn, I walk together with pulsating beats. The sounds of autumn light, a series of " love " ethereal note came from far away, the story of spring and summer dark green to golden; autumn insects called, flocks of throat singing, sing this autumn, autumn Symphony melody exquisite wonderful dreams fragrance, beautiful, and infiltration with joy of brilliant light, let me feel fresh.

Staring into the distance, and a quiet autumn, autumn leaf, ripe red lips, with little red maple forest, standing as autumn Figurine, Yun love Hill spraying with hearty, sunshine holding fresh mountain wilderness, cruising the mist has quietly away, in the sky and winding winding mountain show hold up time with color, weight, heart reading this art deco painting, setting off the autumn gorgeous, instigated the land of idyllic beauty love autumn park, complicated and confusing.